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Break Away From The Pack!
Filmbiz.com® now offers Upgraded Listings that allow you to feature yourself and your business in our directory. Your Featured or Enhanced Listing boosts your exposure over the competitors in your category with eye-catching colors and special placement.
For less than $1.70 per month you can turn the spotlight on yourself and attract a targeted audience actively seeking your type of expertise.

If you would like to simply add a link from your Filmbiz.com® listing, to your existing website, we offer a Basic Plus Listing for $9.99 per year... that's less than $1.00 per month. We'll even throw a month in for FREE!

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Featured and Enhanced Listings Include a Personalized Credits/Resume Page!

Credits Page

Your Credits/Resume Page Includes:
- Promotional Text
- Credits
- Skills
- Memberships
- Education
- Interests
- Picture Upload

More About You
Featured and Enhanced Listings include a personalized credits/resume web page allowing you to provide details of your work history, skills, products and much more..

Targeted traffic
Filmbiz.com® provides resources for entertainment industry professionals Worldwide, attracting tens of thousands of unique users per month. When they search your category, make sure they see your name first.

Quick and easy
Purchasing an Upgraded Listing takes just a few minutes with a valid credit Card-and appears immediately upon verification.

An Enhanced Listing is just $10.99 for 6 months. A Featured Listing is $16.99. Basic Plus is only $5.94. You can also book a year at a discounted rate. Look below to compare.

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Listing Features: Basic Basic Plus Enhanced Featured
Premium placement at top of category page       x
Colored background       x
Bolded border     x x
Bolded text     x x
Credits/Resume Page
Includes: Credits, Picture Upload, Objectives, Skills,
Memberships, Education, Interests. and a References Request System
    x x
Link to your existing website   x x x
Contact info x x x x
6 months Free $5.94
1 year Free $9.99

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Upgrade your listing today Filmbiz.com® Overview:
Filmbiz.com® is the premiere resource for business entertainment online. Begun in 1995 as a list of Hollywood industry-related professionals and vendors, today Filmbiz.com® represents a global network of over 13,000 businesses and individuals who comprise the entertainment industry. A highly respected brand among the Hollywood trade union, guild and professional communities, The Filmbiz.com® Network provides online resources, employment services, technology solutions, wireless development and online tools created specifically for the entertainment professional.

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