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Entertainment Industry Professionals: Grip

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Grip Professionals for the Entertainment Industry

Name Phone Fax Email Website Credits
Adams, Jim 904/721-2268    Email      
Berkowitz, Dave 561/395-2782    Email      
Besbeck, Alan 818/883-2717    Email      
Blessman, Spencer T. 212/686-8174    Email      
Brooks, Scott 540 538 6745    Email      
Bucolo, Matthew (610)662-9502    Email      
Cernosek, Chris 562/628-9212    Email      
Clayton, Alex 310/990-2932    Email      
Coderre, Craig 904/775-2771         
Coleman, Henry 864/576-0758    Email      
Dace, Doug 828/287-0468    Email      
Doades, Tom C. 214/327-2857    Email      
Dugas, Jonathan 954-683-9919    Email      
Fedunok, Chris 206/632-5603    Email      
Festervand, Marc 501/835-1357    Email      
Fitch, William E. 602/440-1009    Email      
Frame, Stephen 970/495-6876    Email      
Fraser , Dennis 01727 838 424    Email      
Garcia, Mario 858/566-0375    Email      
Goldman, Joe 416/515-9346    Email      
Hall, Casey 888/598-0119    Email      
Harper, Billy 480 610-5638    Email      
Harrison, Mark 480.980.7181    Email      
Hayes, Michael Emeric 916/443-7586    Email      
Heiner, Brad 818/993-7186    Email      
Hogan, Thad 562/435-1539    Email      
Jauregui, James 818/986-5268    Email      
Kelley, Thomas (323)933-0255    Email      
Kuehm, Daniel 512/612-0816         
Loomer, Mike 407/282-3051    Email      
Mayer, Ted 714/530-0928    Email      
Miles, Eric 910/694-6386         
Morgan, Eric 410/243-4114    Email      
Morris, Nathan 602/896-1835    Email      
Newell, Jennifer 818/761-7303    Email      
Peri, Jeff 310-215-3111  310-734-6855  Email      
Perona, Patrick 916/600-8108    Email      
Porowski, Paul 732/257-8197    Email      
Portugal, Chris 818/841-9531    Email      
Portugal Jr., Lionel 805/584-1808         
Raymond, Joshua 6035686238    Email      
Silvestri, Patrick 201/387-8705    Email      
Starr, Jerry 561/335-5061    Email      
Suomi, Dan 630/969-7618    Email      
Suomi, Dan 630-969-7618    Email      
Varga , Ron 3474233016    Email      
Warren, Chris 562/938-1214    Email      
Williams, Rick 520/322-0082    Email      
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