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Entertainment Industry Professionals: Director

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Director Professionals for the Entertainment Industry

Name Phone Fax Email Website Credits
Aguilar, Scott 562/625-7106    Email      
Alber, Dominik 818-760-0081    Email      
Apt, Brian 800/580-5089    Email      
Arenzana, Amour 415/902-7360    Email      
Arroyo, Alejandro 34 22/500686    Email      
Avila, Mario 918/488-8489    Email      
Avila, Mario 918/488-8489    Email      
Bakhia, Levan +995577580777    Email      
Balderson, Steve 785/539-6601    Email      
Balsama, L. 646 325 3348    Email      
Bavota, Woody 508-292-7884    Email      
Bell, Scott 416/463-0207    Email      
Bergel, Arthur 713-545-1370  270-588-8885  Email      
Bernt, Jesper 45 33 210199    Email      
Bobrow, Andy 212.255.9400  212.255.9505  Email      
Bolen, Scott Nndrew 219/621-0452    Email      
Brandi, Chris 323-574-6226    Email      
Broadnax, Homer          
Brown, Rik 773/281-6049    Email      
Brull, Mark     Email      
Calzatti, Alan 323/9357864    Email      
Chean, Kok Ying (James) 213/343-0146         
Chen, Shelley Chen 626/462-0355    Email      
Cloud Brechner, Kevin     Email      
Cook, JC 818/509-0568    Email      
Cordi, Joseph          
Crispin, Brian     Email      
Dalmacy, Nick 252.414.4083  252.753.2626  Email      
Davidson, David     Email      
Day, Rob     Email      
De Quay, Albert (310) 458-8900    Email      
Deutsch, Dan +972 545 561987    Email      
Deyell, Peter 310/274-5316         
Dimaculangan, A J 617/868-4898    Email      
Dove, Sebastian 002071936528    Email      
Doyle II, J. Henry 323/402-1222 x3541    Email      
Duffy, Dan 604/408-1730    Email      
Dwyer, Robert 407/852-0460    Email      
Errico, Jerry 914-591-1128    Email      
Esau, Robert     Email      
Fairman, David 020 83411118    Email      
finn, dennis 760-804-0333    Email      
finn, dennis 760-804-0333    Email      
Flix, Spot 5167865432    Email      
Foss, Ronald 530-841-1893    Email      
Foss, Ronald 530/841-1893    Email      
Fox, Brian 904/738-3235    Email      
Frame, Stephen 970/495-6876    Email      
Freedman, J D 85 784-3522  850 784-3522  Email      
Freeman, Rick     Email      
Froman, Brad 225/925-0907    Email      
Fulle, Adrian 32/850-1718    Email      
Gazecki, William 310-745-0253    Email      
Goodman, Rosser 818.519.9575    Email      
Goodman, Rosser 323 610 0501  323 658 6568  Email      
Gosselin, Janine 818-259-6626    Email      
Gowdy, Barrington 323/550-8115    Email      
Grace, John          
GREEN, LORNA 510.325.3209    Email      
Greene, Dr. Gery 877-629-4126    Email      
Harris, Alan     Email      
Harrison, Flick 604/879-2748    Email      
Hernnigh, Anthony 405/260-6254    Email      
Hertzberg, Elan 310/248-1688    Email      
Hill, Mark 916/452-4133    Email      
House, Sheila     Email      
Hunt, Jason 816/387-9043         
Izquierdo, Joseph G.     Email      
Izquierdo, Joseph G.     Email      
Joseph, Cordi 213-924-0441    Email      
Junaid, T. Kunle 718/859-9021    Email      
Kann, David 818/502-1905    Email      
Kann, David 818/291 0920    Email      
Kanto, Erkki     Email      
Karmios, Alex +306937788331, +306932635200, +302109626572    Email      
Kennedy Hastings, Matthew 310/453-8866    Email      
Kerhin, Michael          
Khanna, Rahul     Email      
Kieltyka, Erik 310/280-0789    Email      
Kinnear, J. Stuart     Email      
Knappe, David     Email      
Kobayashi, Jesse 323/816-4665    Email      
Kuo, Jian Hong 626/793-4264    Email      
Laidman, Harvey 818/784-9501    Email      
Leatto, Renne 407/654-3125    Email      
Lucas, Ralph 416-225-2911    Email      
Lucman, Mubasher 923 00-465678    Email      
Luv, Meyagio 661-948-0782    Email      
Lyttle, Rebecca     Email      
Mackenzie, Alexander (360) 258-2037    Email      
Maisner, Andrew     Email      
Marks, Edward 818/238-9919    Email      
Martin, Ross 818/223-8007    Email      
McCreary, Tom 801/359-4709    Email      
McCreary, Tex 801/359-4709    Email      
Menzies, Pete 914/572-2192    Email      
Messman, Brian 323/469-8790    Email      
Miller, Jean 310/397-3960    Email      
Mofford, Eric 818/398-0212    Email      
Mole, Ralph J. 201-960-8563    Email      
Molloy, Jo 310 770 6595    Email      
Mouchet, Louis     Email      
Mouchet, Louis 41 79 357 54 17  41 22 741 12 08  Email      
Mozo, Pablo 212/966-3227    Email      
Muller-Dorn, Philipp 917/238-7789    Email      
Nein, Randy 310/477-7306    Email      
Nejad, Gobi 323/634-1630    Email      
Nelson, Norm     Email      
Nicolazzi, John 310/392-1887         
O'Derek, Keith 310/516-0232    Email      
O'Keefe, Stephen 416/969-0569    Email      
Ogawa, Hana 310-859-0970    Email      
Ottinger, Christopher 773/384-9582    Email      
Owens-Horton, Carolyn 213/299-1825         
Palmer, David 213/960-5064    Email      
Pappas, Alexander 613/824-6947    Email      
Patton, Bart 706/782-2380         
Perez, Paul 818/575-7530         
Person-Anderson, Kirsten 404/241-2911    Email      
Peters, Joseph 818/963-1103         
Philbricht, Don 516/378-0192    Email      
Phillips, Quan-Linh 714/979-0923    Email      
Poswall, Robert 415/998-6022    Email      
Prior, Robert 646) 419 4032    Email      
Pucci, Kenneth 909/593-7674    Email      
Redd, Castor 310/622 8210    Email      
Reid, Alison     Email      
Riley, Ron 212/358-5974         
Rivera, Eddie 213/257-3439    Email      
Riznikove, Lisa 818/545-8912    Email      
Rodionoff, Hans 310/589-5005    Email      
Rohde, Daniel     Email      
Roper , Archie 773-895-6385    Email      
Rosen, Stuart 818/549-0698    Email      
Sanderson, Christopher     Email      
Schulze, Doug 248/528-1760    Email      
Schutz, Jonathan +44 7932 783 751    Email      
Shuey, Wendy 212/866-3413    Email      
Silberman, Cary     Email      
Singh, Rahul 91 11 6932099    Email      
Sloan, John 561/882-9710    Email      
Smith, Tamara 416/366-2778    Email      
Spigener, Miranda 713/740-9111    Email      
Stanley, Jack          
Stevenson III, John Wayne     Email      
Steynn, Terry     Email      
Suri, Parikshita Sarma +91(40)27897924    Email      
Tarleton, David 323/856-0467    Email      
Taylor, R. Thad          
Tower Megna, Mary 213/851-2603         
Tracy, Dennis          
Trofimenko, Victoria 123-456-7891    Email      
Van Riet, Hans 626/296 0822    Email      
Van Riet, Hans (626) 296-0822  (626) 296-0872  Email      
VanMeter, Rick 415/412-1241    Email      
Vasil, Hristov 31 172436956    Email      
Von Tyrol, Udo N. +49 (176) 6221-2380    Email      
West, Randal 909/306-0443    Email      
Wynter, D.E. 323/466-6038    Email      
Yashar, Shawn 310/666-7709    Email      
Zlotorynski, Philip 818/895-6125    Email      
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