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Entertainment Industry Professionals: Camera Operator

( 51 listings)

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Camera Operator Professionals for the Entertainment Industry

Name Phone Fax Email Website Credits
A Kahn, Guilad +66-896732102    Email      
Altman, Robert Reed 310/401-2927    Email      
Andersen, Chris 425-503-7948    Email      
Beavers, Timothy 214/221-4684    Email      
Bourbonais, John 719-578-4740    Email      
Brigante, Gerard 609 506 8029    Email      
Brown, Rik 773-281-6049    Email      
Brumfield, Reggie 323-691-0568    Email      
BRUMFIELD, REGGIE 323-691-0568    Email      
Cappetta, Marco 818/896-0977    Email      
Carnes, Joel 818/843-7782    Email      
Condro, Michael (MAC) 818/254-6086    Email      
Conerly, Krystal 312-566-0212    Email      
Crumbley, Jeff     Email      
Del Valle, Miguel 56 55 01 01    Email      
der Parthogh, Yervant 718-797-2636    Email      
Destanto, Eko 8128087268    Email      
Doades, Tom C. 214/327-2857         
Doades, Tom C. 214/327-2857    Email      
Dumenko, Jr., Michael 972/517-8714    Email      
Edgar, Dave 818/362-3878    Email      
Franco Maria, Giovannini 1.13913E+12    Email      
Gertsch, Thomas 310-709-5608  310-765-4770  Email      
Gondal, Irfan 971 50 4979855    Email      
Grangenois, Michel 773 427 0229    Email      
Hagouel, Daniel (818) 653-6287    Email      
Hawley, David H. 916/773-2284    Email      
Heinemann, Ken     Email      
Koplin, Alan 805/259-8308    Email      
Mastroeni, Jr., Philip 609/881-7896    Email      
Millard, Holly 813-932-3584    Email      
Mohammed, Aman 909/948-7605    Email      
Nein, Randy 310/477-7306    Email      
Nicholson, Steven 504/283-8249    Email      
Nixon, Titus 773/488-7970    Email      
Panure, Richard 719-634-4094  none  Email      
Pasternack, Bruce 818/999-9796    Email      
Purviance, Gary 760/591-4836    Email      
Reynolds, Joe 480/345-8009    Email      
Rezende, Rogerio (310) 866-3350  (310) 836-3350  Email      
Robinson, Rick 805/255-5374    Email      
Rodriguez, Hector 818/365-0117    Email      
Ruggiero, Gianfranco 831-642-9380    Email      
Sanders, Bry Thomas 323/665-2885    Email      
Schweitzer, David     Email      
Smith, Ben 503/554-3521    Email      
Verrelli II, James L. 215/736-8063    Email      
Wickizer, Tara 510/888-1380         
Winch, Jack 323-646-8860    Email      
Wise, R.L. 340/774-1111    Email      
Wissinger, Chris 407/718-6120    Email      
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